Creating Simple Information Products That Will Sell Online – Keep It Simple For Best Results

Creating information products does not have to be a complicated process, and your products should also contain information that is simple and direct. Remember that many people are just getting started with an online business, and need simple products they can easily consume. When you are creating your info product, be sure to think about the person who is most likely to benefit from the information you have to share.

During my first couple of years online I purchased many products that simply went over my head. I yearned for information that was concise and taught me just what I needed to know at that time. Now I realize that the product creators were trying to develop the best product possible, and didn’t even think about someone like me. I know I was not alone in feeling like I was on information and technology overload.

So, how do you make sure you are creating products that will be helpful to the people you are trying to reach? Ask them. Yes, that’s right. Send out a survey to your list, ask people on the social media sites, and host a teleseminar to see how much your audience knows and what they would like to learn.

You already have the knowledge and the skills to create products that people will buy. Now it’s time to take action and get to work creating them.

Start with an outline. This is how each of my products started. I now have more than twenty for sale and available on the Internet, so I know this method works. I divide my outline into three or four parts to make it more manageable and to see if I will teach the course in one session or more. It is also at this point that I am going to make the decision as to whether it will be a live course, an evergreen training program, or some other format that makes sense for what I want to accomplish.

The sales letter is next. Start with a headline that jumps out at your target audience. Writing the sales letter while you are creating the product may sound counterintuitive, but it actually makes sense. Your product will be better when you do it this way, and as you write your bullet points and other copy you will be able to add even more to your outline.

Information product creation is something you can do on a regular basis to build your online business and increase your income over time.