How To Create Your Next Information Product!

Entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time writing and speaking in order to teach their prospects and clients how to create greater results in their lives and businesses. And it’s a technique that we all should use to grow our business. This could be through presenting talks at events or workshops, doing webcasts or teleseminars, blog posts, articles, newsletters, etc.

However, since there is only one of you, unless you’re a business of partners, you’re income could slow to a trickle or stop if you’re not “always” there stoking the fire!

Therefore you might want to leverage your time and talent by creating an information product to do the “talking” for you! Information products are one way of offering your expert knowledge or information via a product that people pay for. It’s a wonderful way of giving more leads, prospects and clients the ability and opportunity to learn from you.

Information products can include books, audio recordings, video recordings, eBooks, home study programs, e-courses, paid newsletters, etc. Typically it’s a product that is delivered without you having to be there to do it!

There are four key things I want you to “check off the list” when creating your information product.

#1. It should address a specific topic or challenge that you solve. If it’s general, fewer people will be interested in it or it may require a lower price. So for instance, this “4 keys to creating your next information product” topic is an example of something specific for an information product. By contrast creating and audio/video list of the different kinds of information products might bring less interest and sales.

#2. It should be original and yours! That means, unless you’re a joint venture partner or have master resale rights, you cannot take someone else’s material and repackage it as your own. So you want to create your own content, which is very easy since you’ve been writing, speaking to your clients, community, etc. for years. Take the key messages that have created the greatest results and share that information in an audio/video program for those who would benefit most!

#3. The information that you share should be “evergreen”. Meaning, that it doesn’t expire or go out of date! There are key principles, topics, steps, etc. that really don’t change much! Sure there is new technology and tools that make it easier or faster, but the basics, the fundamentals can serve you for years. So if you can make it “evergreen” it can become a perpetual source of revenue for you, for years!

#4. Finally, what you share should be easy to use and a “no brainer” to do. If it’s difficult or complex, few people will be able to accomplish the results you say your product delivers. That can have not only a negative result (refund requests) immediately, but will impact future sales and could harm your reputation.

With these four keys in mind, go through all of the information on your hard drive, files and folders. You likely have a “gem” right under your nose and don’t even know it!

Test it with your current clients, when you’re networking, speaking or send it to a friend and ask – is this something you’d want to learn more about, what result would it give you and would you pay for it…

This strategy will help you whenever you are considering a new information product so that you can leverage all of your expert knowledge and give you that “paid” vacation day you’ve been planning for!