Information Products – 5 Ways To Get Hungry Buyers To Pay Good Money

Let us take a look at what information products are. Generally most people use the search engines to find out information, we are more often than not looking for an answer to a question.

Questions range from the easily answered, mundane query to the more complex one which for a good many people takes far longer to research than they would like, so buying that information is the speedy, easy option and the more complicated or obscure the question the more people are willing to pay for that information. The need and the ability to get the answer quickly means that people are willing to pay more than they perhaps would if they were buying a book off line and online information products come in a variety of methods.

Some examples could be:

  • Audio products, sometimes called podcasts where the information is spoken, popular with people who listen to mp3 players or use Smartphones, this way of getting your answer can be listened to while you are on the move. For the seller of this type of information it is quite an easy task to just record their voice into a propriety recorder and offer it as an audio download that will sell very well.
  • Videos, consumers seem to like videos and will pay a premium for them. They can easily be made these days with an ordinary digital camera, where you can record yourself or with screen capture programs which you can use to show a tutorial to answer people’s questions.
  • A membership site could be used to offer people information over time, giving you an ongoing income from the membership fees and perhaps then offer members other income producing products. Special Reports may be downloaded as PDF files, they are quite small often between 10 and 15 pages, offer good value and are typically focused on answering a single problem or teaching a specific method for something as they generally have more specific content than e-books.
  • E-Books are probably the most well known form of information product. Also delivered as a PDF, often produced to look more like a real book and often coming with a graphic cover. E-Books come with fewer pages than offline books typically between 80-100 pages though of course there are those that are a lot less or a lot more. The selling price is usually between $67 and $97 dollars, because studies have shown that these are typically the prices that do best but again prices can be in the hundreds, it does depend on the size of your offering.

The greatest advantage to creating and selling your own information products are that they are virtually free to make, and once made they are distributed instantly as downloadable files with no shipping costs. This is an enormous bonus and means you can get an Internet business up and running in next to no time for very little costs, unlike the off line version that costs many hundreds to produce and a lot of work to distribute. You set the price and all the profits are yours with very little in the way of overheads.

As well as doing this yourself, you can offer the products to affiliates, this will increase your audience by many, many more as they offer them to their lists, you pay your affiliates a commission and any costs they incur are their responsibility. They do the promoting for you. It’s best to offer tempting commissions to encourage a good take up of your product, remember it took you very little to create and once created can be sold many, many times over so commissions of 75% are in order as your audience will be many, many times greater. The income this produces is nearly all profit.

Another idea for information type products could be created as a free, give away. It’s a good way to get some-one to swap their information for your free product as this is an excellent way in which to increase your list and I am sure you know by now that the money is in the list. Creating free information products as giveaways that will attract new subscribers is easy to do and very effective. It should be a part of every marketers’ routine. It is also an ideal way to offer free information if you already have a list. Free is always good and can be an excellent way to tell your list about any new information products you have to offer them, this method you can boost your launch results with no real extra effort.

Lets face it online marketing, like offline marketing is about selling and in to-days online economy, information products are a valuable commodity. Being an affiliate is great for making a nice steady monthly income, creating your own products and getting affiliates to sell them for you is an even better option ensuring your financial future success online.