5 Benefits of Digital Information Products That Make Starting an Internet Business a No Brainer

Selling digital information products is one of many businesses a person can make a lot of money from. Others include network marketing, having a brick and mortar business, playing the stock market, and a plethora of other opportunities out there. However, there are a number of reasons why the info product business is actually the best business model to pursue. This article will 5 of those reasons in order to give you a clearer picture of the landscape.

1. One of the greatest benefits of starting an information product business online is the low start up costs. Start up costs include a hosting account, which is about $10 a month, and a domain name, which is about $10. It is also a good idea to get an email auto responder account such as Aweber, which starts out at about $19 a month. So for less than $50 dollars you can start a business that can make 6 figures or more. This is unheard of in the world of brick and mortar businesses.

2. Another benefit of selling digital information products is the very high profit margins. You don’t have to pay for supplies or rent, so pretty much every dollar that you earn from sales is pure profit. The only major expense you’ll have is advertising. This is because you only pay one time to have the product produced, and then you never have to pay for it again.

3. You don’t have to worry about storing lots of items in your home or renting warehouse space to keep items you sell. If you sell physical products you have to worry about drop shipping, or housing products in a warehouse or your own home. Digital products are stored on computers, so they don’t take up any space and you are free from the hassle of shipping items and worrying about warehouse space.

4. Putting your income on autopilot is a since with an info product business. You can set up your website and sales system so that people come to your website and buy items 24 hours a day, and this can all work even if you are away from the computer on vacation.

5. Free advertising is a reality when selling digital information products as well. There are methods such as social media and article marketing which enable you to promote your product aggressively even if you don’t have any money.

What Information Product Medium Should You Use?

Information products can range from a simple eBook to a full course with manual, DVDs and CDs. Don’t sweat creating your information product, even if it’s your first. The most important thing about information products is that they convey quality information to the person who buys your product.

My first recommendation to my coaching students is to go with whatever medium you are most comfortable with. If you enjoy writing, then write an ebook, book or manual. Many people, even people who like to write are intimidated by the thought of writing a book. Take some pressure off yourself and start with an eBook or manual. You aren’t writing the Great American Novel; you are writing an information product. An information product should impart the information clearly, concisely and thoroughly. People will purchase it because they are looking for specific information, not an involved story line.

If you are not at all comfortable with the idea of writing an information product, you can also record the information using an audio or video format. Many people nowadays either don’t like to read or don’t have the time to read. They would rather listen to a CD in their car or download the information and listen to it on their IPod. Other people learn best by watching a video.

If you feel strange just talking into a microphone and recording it, you can have a friend help you out by interviewing you. Come up with ten to twenty questions about your topic (depending on how long you want your recording to be), arrange them in a logical progression and then have your friend ask you the questions. You may want to write down various points that you don’t want to miss for each answer. That way you’re not reading from a full script (and you won’t sound stiff which is the way most people sound when reading from a script) and you’ll make sure you have the most important information in your answers. If you can get a conversational tone going in your “interview” the audio will be that much easier for people to follow and learn from.

You can also create a video, either of yourself demonstrating how to do something, an interview of you or you can create a Camtasia-style instructional video with a voice over. Camtasia is a software program that allows you to record your voice with whatever is on your screen or integrate video with PowerPoint and other media. I use Camtasia to record my PowerPoint presentations. I create a PowerPoint on my topic then talk through the presentation as if I were in front of a live audience. Camtasia records it and I can put it into a variety of formats (.avi,.mpv, etc.) for uploading to the internet or to burn on DVDs. Another way to record presentations is to use a webinar software such as gotowebinar or dimdim. Both of these sites can be used to conduct webinars or just to record a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, DimDim.com has the capacity to record whatever is on your screen or even capture from your computer’s video camera.

Of course, nothing says you can put out your information product in only one format. As a matter of fact, if you can offer a package with the information in several formats, all the better. Everybody learns in different ways. If people have the option to read, listen to AND watch the information, you are more likely to hit on the way they like to learn.

Bottom line, go with the medium you are most comfortable in. However, don’t be afraid to put your product into different formats. If you write an info product, you may want to read it aloud and record it on CDs or into MP3 files. If you like doing videos, you can create a video and then pay to have the audio portion of the video transcribed so you can offer a written accompaniment to the video. Either way, you are increasing your odds of having the right product for your target market.

Remember: It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be done.

Creating Simple Information Products That Will Sell Online – Keep It Simple For Best Results

Creating information products does not have to be a complicated process, and your products should also contain information that is simple and direct. Remember that many people are just getting started with an online business, and need simple products they can easily consume. When you are creating your info product, be sure to think about the person who is most likely to benefit from the information you have to share.

During my first couple of years online I purchased many products that simply went over my head. I yearned for information that was concise and taught me just what I needed to know at that time. Now I realize that the product creators were trying to develop the best product possible, and didn’t even think about someone like me. I know I was not alone in feeling like I was on information and technology overload.

So, how do you make sure you are creating products that will be helpful to the people you are trying to reach? Ask them. Yes, that’s right. Send out a survey to your list, ask people on the social media sites, and host a teleseminar to see how much your audience knows and what they would like to learn.

You already have the knowledge and the skills to create products that people will buy. Now it’s time to take action and get to work creating them.

Start with an outline. This is how each of my products started. I now have more than twenty for sale and available on the Internet, so I know this method works. I divide my outline into three or four parts to make it more manageable and to see if I will teach the course in one session or more. It is also at this point that I am going to make the decision as to whether it will be a live course, an evergreen training program, or some other format that makes sense for what I want to accomplish.

The sales letter is next. Start with a headline that jumps out at your target audience. Writing the sales letter while you are creating the product may sound counterintuitive, but it actually makes sense. Your product will be better when you do it this way, and as you write your bullet points and other copy you will be able to add even more to your outline.

Information product creation is something you can do on a regular basis to build your online business and increase your income over time.

Information Product Creation: Never Compete on Price Because There Is Only One You

Information product creation requires extensive preparation, no matter which niche you work within and you want to make sure that your information product has a successful launch. That probably sounds scary and intimidating but here’s the thing: this is a one time effort and it will pay off in a foundation that is strong enough to get your ideal clients to invest in your high-end programs and services without the perils of a traditional funnel. This article will teach you a few of the things that you need to remember if you’d like to invest in yourself and start on the information product creation path using your unique talents and abilities. Remember that you never have to worry about anyone ripping off your ideas because if you understand how to properly position yourself around your story.

Understand Both Strengths and Weaknesses: It is good to have an impartial view of your own strengths and weaknesses when lay the foundation of selling yourself within the information product creation process. It helps you figure out where you are, what you lack and how to move forward so that you get as much growth as possible. It is more than important, it is urgent if you want to create fast success for yourself to have personal positive reinforcement and deep belief to provide yourself the support you need so that you can get over your own limitations to ensure that your information product is as valuable as it can be.

You also need to know exactly who your competition is so you can study them and use their methods to help you improve your own standings. Down recreate the wheel, but understand the wheel and position yourself going uphill from the competition. Check out which kinds of opportunities you’ve already got and try to figure out how best to use them while taking care to remember your strengths and weaknesses. This is a great way to figure out where you stand against your competition which helps you figure out how best to grow.

Launch on Time: No matter what, even if you haven’t officially announced your “launch date” you should launch the site when you’ve said you would. This will force you to stick to your goal and actually work on it. Thinking that “I’ll launch it when I think it’s ready to launch” will only hinder your efforts. You’ve got a responsibility that you need to live up to with your launch, and you can’t move back on that one. If you get close to your launch date and you are getting hung up on your self limiting beliefs in your information product creation, don’t worry this about getting it out there and not perfection. As long as it is usable you should launch it. Launching on time is the professional thing to do and it is more important than creating a “wow” effect in your site visitors. You can always update/upgrade your website when you have to, so there shouldn’t be any issue with that.

Analyze Your Own Concept: If you want to make your information product creation successful you need to understand how good your concept is: is it really going to work for your chosen audience or would something else be better? You already know about your competition; how does your concept measure up? If you haven’t come up with your own idea and are trying to work with someone else’s concept, do some more work on your own before your launch. People want original ideas because they’ve seen too many other me-too websites already.

Test Your Concept Before You Commit To The Information Product Creation Process: One of the biggest failures people have with information product creation is not testing an idea before putting a lot of effort into producing an information product. PPC to a small 5 page site with a landing page is a great way to test an offer before you even produce it. If people will sign up to get it, you can be sure that you can create an information product that will target eliminating the pain of your target market. The small amount of money will be invaluable in using crowd sourcing to direct the final outline of the information product creation process.

You’ll have lots of hurdles to clear after the launch of your information product and the only way to truly take care of them is to follow the advice in this article to work smarter. Plenty of people work hard, but it is the ones who work smarter who make real money online with the information product creation business model.