Types of Information Products For Your Home Based Information Marketing Business

I strongly believe an information marketing business is the Perfect Home Based Business. There are many reasons for that. But, for now, let’s just assume you agree with that.

Then you might ask, along with lots of other folks who want to start their own home based information marketing business, “What types of information products are there for me to market?”

There are dozens of product types for you to market. Information products can take many forms including all of these:

A series of Reports
Article collections
A series of E-books
Compilations of quotes
“Best Of” Information (like Top 100 Lists)
Audio products
Video products
A Portal or Directory web site
Coaching and consulting
Membership sites
Video Blogs
Radio or internet radio programs
TV or internet TV programs
How-to’s of any variety
Resource Lists (101 tools and resources, etc.)
Address and/or phone number lists
Web links (bookmark lists)
Conversion tables
Keyboard shortcuts
Questions & Answers

Who would have ever guessed that information products could come in so many different types for you to market?

Yes, it’s true. People all over the world are paying good money for products like these, as long as the information contained in them has a high value to them. That is, it is information they are looking for that solves a problem they have or satisfies one of their wants or needs.

You could be creating several of the listed information product types that focus on any number of topics like:

•Natural weight loss
•Stress reduction
•Fat loss
•Natural eating – raw food
•Dating or relationships
•Conflict or anger resolution
•Debt reduction
•Starting a business
•Making money
•Marketing and promotion
•Getting a job

And more. This is not an all-inclusive list of product types or topics. Just some thoughts to get you started, and to make sure the question of what type of information product to create and market is no longer a roadblock for you.

Use the list as a base to start your efforts of creating information products. And, keep in mind that once you create any type of product, it can be “repurposed” into another type of info product. That way, you create something once and get benefits from that creation in many ways, multiplying your profits from your initial efforts. For example, if you write a series of articles you can combine all of the articles into a special report. You can turn the article content into a presentation that you read and create a video from that to put it on YouTube.

You can create a podcast from the audio you recorded in your video and distribute it through iTunes and other podcast distribution sites. You can turn your series of articles into a e-course you can use as a giveaway to get people on your email list. You can post all of your articles on a blog. You can use the series of articles as a basis for a webinar or teleseminar. And on and on. You get the picture. The goal is to leverage each of your information product creation efforts as much as you can to minimize your work and maximize your profits.

Choose one or more types of information products and get started now creating your own home based information products marketing business.
Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home in your own information marketing business.

How to Easily Make Niche Information Products Even If You Have No Knowledge of the Niche

Depending on how you try to do it, it might take a while to get your own niche information products to sell online. It can take many people weeks or months to write an ebook. If you aren’t a writer, this can be a very difficult task. That’s why most people never even manage to create their first product. There is a way to get around this obstacle that is difficult for many of us. If you have private label rights (PLR) to a product, the product is already made for you and all you have to do is start marketing it. This article will focus on the advantages of using PLR products as a foundation for your info marketing business.

PLR products give you the right to claim authorship and the right to edit them as you wish. This automatically gets over the biggest hurdle of selling your own product online – which is to actually create it. All PLR products are not created equal though, so if you are going to use t hem, you need to be sure that the quality is high because if you are going to put your name on them you need to make sure you are selling something with useful and well written information. Otherwise, you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot because your name will be associate with poor quality products. But there are plenty of high quality PLR niche information products out there in every niche imaginable.

In order to maximize the benefit you get from a PLR product, it is best to edit it a bit in order to give it the appearance of being 100% unique. That way, you get the double benefit of not having to create a product yourself, along with being perceived in the marketplace as the creator of something unique. Many marketers have made millions selling PLR products without the knowledge of others. The main things you want to change in order to make your product unique are the sales page graphics, a few key points in the sales letter to correspond with any changes you make in the product, the product name and image, and the chapter titles. If these things are different, there really won’t be a way to distinguish our product from others unless someone does an extensive comparative analysis of your product and others in the market place. Even if you don’t change the product at all, as long as you market it well, you can still make a lot of money, but it will serve you better to make it unique.

Another way to use PLR for your own niche information products is to repurpose it. By repurpose I mean to change its form – so if it is an audio, transcribe it into written form. If it is written, make it into an audio. This is a very powerful method of making PLR content unique, and it also raises the value of a product which will allow you to sell it for more money because you are adding something to the original product for the convenience of the customer.

Information Products – 5 Ways To Get Hungry Buyers To Pay Good Money

Let us take a look at what information products are. Generally most people use the search engines to find out information, we are more often than not looking for an answer to a question.

Questions range from the easily answered, mundane query to the more complex one which for a good many people takes far longer to research than they would like, so buying that information is the speedy, easy option and the more complicated or obscure the question the more people are willing to pay for that information. The need and the ability to get the answer quickly means that people are willing to pay more than they perhaps would if they were buying a book off line and online information products come in a variety of methods.

Some examples could be:

  • Audio products, sometimes called podcasts where the information is spoken, popular with people who listen to mp3 players or use Smartphones, this way of getting your answer can be listened to while you are on the move. For the seller of this type of information it is quite an easy task to just record their voice into a propriety recorder and offer it as an audio download that will sell very well.
  • Videos, consumers seem to like videos and will pay a premium for them. They can easily be made these days with an ordinary digital camera, where you can record yourself or with screen capture programs which you can use to show a tutorial to answer people’s questions.
  • A membership site could be used to offer people information over time, giving you an ongoing income from the membership fees and perhaps then offer members other income producing products. Special Reports may be downloaded as PDF files, they are quite small often between 10 and 15 pages, offer good value and are typically focused on answering a single problem or teaching a specific method for something as they generally have more specific content than e-books.
  • E-Books are probably the most well known form of information product. Also delivered as a PDF, often produced to look more like a real book and often coming with a graphic cover. E-Books come with fewer pages than offline books typically between 80-100 pages though of course there are those that are a lot less or a lot more. The selling price is usually between $67 and $97 dollars, because studies have shown that these are typically the prices that do best but again prices can be in the hundreds, it does depend on the size of your offering.

The greatest advantage to creating and selling your own information products are that they are virtually free to make, and once made they are distributed instantly as downloadable files with no shipping costs. This is an enormous bonus and means you can get an Internet business up and running in next to no time for very little costs, unlike the off line version that costs many hundreds to produce and a lot of work to distribute. You set the price and all the profits are yours with very little in the way of overheads.

As well as doing this yourself, you can offer the products to affiliates, this will increase your audience by many, many more as they offer them to their lists, you pay your affiliates a commission and any costs they incur are their responsibility. They do the promoting for you. It’s best to offer tempting commissions to encourage a good take up of your product, remember it took you very little to create and once created can be sold many, many times over so commissions of 75% are in order as your audience will be many, many times greater. The income this produces is nearly all profit.

Another idea for information type products could be created as a free, give away. It’s a good way to get some-one to swap their information for your free product as this is an excellent way in which to increase your list and I am sure you know by now that the money is in the list. Creating free information products as giveaways that will attract new subscribers is easy to do and very effective. It should be a part of every marketers’ routine. It is also an ideal way to offer free information if you already have a list. Free is always good and can be an excellent way to tell your list about any new information products you have to offer them, this method you can boost your launch results with no real extra effort.

Lets face it online marketing, like offline marketing is about selling and in to-days online economy, information products are a valuable commodity. Being an affiliate is great for making a nice steady monthly income, creating your own products and getting affiliates to sell them for you is an even better option ensuring your financial future success online.

7 Reasons to Create Information Products

It has never been easier to create and give away (or sell) information products. You’ve probably downloaded a few of these yourself as a giveaway on a website. They are also known as free reports, eBooks, digital products, audio downloads, and pretty much anything you can create and email as an offer.

In fact, there are so many ways to distribute information products and use them as part of your marketing that they can help make your business a success. These are giveaways that people want and will click to download. They should be high in quality, professional, and come in an attractive, easy-to-understand format.

If you’ve been thinking about creating an information product, but haven’t done it yet, here are seven reasons why it’s a great idea:

  1. You can create them yourself. You can do some research or take what you know now and put together a basic downloadable product in as little as a few hours. If you have Microsoft Word, an information product can be created as a PDF file. The content could even be based on a blog posts or an offshoot of marketing materials. As long as it gives people something of value and is a quality product, you can do the entire thing yourself.
  2. They increase your credibility. As the owner and originator of your information product, you now have credentials you can add to your bio. Think about how much better your name would look with “author and creator of [insert product name].” It’s basically like creating another marketing tool for yourself, while increasing your credibility.
  3. Your revenue can take an upswing. Many information products are sold online. One way to do this is by creating a series of products (such as chapters in a book) and offering the first one as a free download. From there you’ll (hopefully!) entice readers to want more and pay you for it. Remember too, when information products have price tag, they appear more valuable. So, consider pricing your products to add more revenue to your business.
  4. You’ll get more people on your email list. When was the last time you signed up for an email list that didn’t include some kind of giveaway, prize, or free offer? It has probably been a while, if ever. These days, an information product (which can also include newsletters, by the way) is a way to grow your email list and reach out.
  5. They create trust. When a new prospect comes to your website, it’s a friendly gesture to have a product giveaway ready and waiting. A product also shows you have confidence in your industry and knowledge. It’s a way for people to “try before they buy” and experience your work in action.
  6. People want to learn what you know. Your skills as a Virtual Assistant or OBM are valuable. While you don’t want to give everything away, you do want to share what you know. An information product can give prospects a taste of your skill base and talents. We all have unique abilities, and once they’re on paper, they become even more tangible.
  7. They’re a great way to say Thank You. If you’ve created an online survey and need opinions, or if you’ve hosted a telesummit or seminar, an information product is a great giveaway as a token of your appreciation.

So, why are you not creating and selling informational products? Schedule some time to put one together and make it professional. You’ll be surprised how easy, fun, and empowering it can be to create a product that is all your own.