These Types Of Information Products Really Work

In this article, I’m going to introduce to you which types of information products really work versus which types don’t serve your customers well.

The basic premise of an information product is that it teaches someone how to do something, whether that’s giving someone basic knowledge of a subject all the way to becoming an expert in that topic. Information products can range anywhere from a few dollars up to thousands of dollars, depending on how in-depth the product is.

For example, a 1 hour product can be sold for $17, a 3-6 hour product can be sold for $97, a 10+ hour course can be sold for $297, and so on. What’s important to understand is people will pay for information to be put together so they don’t have to find it themselves. But the real question is which types of info products work versus which ones don’t, and why. Lets find out.

The first type of info product that really works is a traffic generation product. People love to buy the next latest and greatest ‘secret source’ of traffic that will overflow their website with leads and sales. Why? Because unfortunately they think traffic generation is the only thing you need to have in order to make money online. When the traffic generation technique they learn doesn’t work in 30 days or less, they buy the next product thinking the ‘magic bullet’ is in that new product.

I would know… I’ve done the same thing.

Now please understand that I’m not saying that you should trick people by giving them bad information or anything like that. Not at all. I’m just saying traffic generation products do really well. On the other hand, I’ve also stopped buying products from certain people because the information they taught was not genuine and was incomplete. Bottom line is whatever product you create, make it great, make it informative, and make it complete.

The next type of info product that rocks is a ‘formula’ product, and by formula, I mean teaching people the ‘big picture’ of a topic and then breaking down each step of the process to get a positive end result. For instance, if you were teaching article marketing, you would first teach them how article marketing fits into the big picture and then you would give them the formula to have success in article marketing. Your formula product must be great and it must deliver extreme value. In fact, if you make all of your info products with the idea to ‘under promise and over deliver’, you’ll do awesome!

Formula products work because people have a fear of loss. Most people know they are missing something and when they have an opportunity to buy a ‘formula’ that gives them what they are missing, they usually buy the product. People don’t want to ‘lose out’ on what they don’t know. It’s very powerful stuff.

The last type of info products that really work are ‘hand-holding’ products that basically walk people step-by-step, holding their hand through every step of the process. These types of products can be instructional videos so people can watch and copy what you do in the same order as you do them. They can be home-study courses with specific instructions including unlimited email access to you, or they can be group or personal coaching programs that take ‘hand-holding’ to a whole new level.

Some people can get some instruction on what to do and then you just get out of their way. Most people, especially the ones who truly become successful, get some sort of coaching as they go along. Why? Because every great individual, every great team player, every great leader has coaches and/or mentors giving them advice and guiding them step-by-step. Plus, people always accomplish more with ‘mastermind’ groups.

Now there are more types of information products that just ‘kill it’ out there, but these 3 I’ve just identified for you are a good place to start from.