Types of Information Products For Your Home Based Information Marketing Business

I strongly believe an information marketing business is the Perfect Home Based Business. There are many reasons for that. But, for now, let’s just assume you agree with that.

Then you might ask, along with lots of other folks who want to start their own home based information marketing business, “What types of information products are there for me to market?”

There are dozens of product types for you to market. Information products can take many forms including all of these:

A series of Reports
Article collections
A series of E-books
Compilations of quotes
“Best Of” Information (like Top 100 Lists)
Audio products
Video products
A Portal or Directory web site
Coaching and consulting
Membership sites
Video Blogs
Radio or internet radio programs
TV or internet TV programs
How-to’s of any variety
Resource Lists (101 tools and resources, etc.)
Address and/or phone number lists
Web links (bookmark lists)
Conversion tables
Keyboard shortcuts
Questions & Answers

Who would have ever guessed that information products could come in so many different types for you to market?

Yes, it’s true. People all over the world are paying good money for products like these, as long as the information contained in them has a high value to them. That is, it is information they are looking for that solves a problem they have or satisfies one of their wants or needs.

You could be creating several of the listed information product types that focus on any number of topics like:

•Natural weight loss
•Stress reduction
•Fat loss
•Natural eating – raw food
•Dating or relationships
•Conflict or anger resolution
•Debt reduction
•Starting a business
•Making money
•Marketing and promotion
•Getting a job

And more. This is not an all-inclusive list of product types or topics. Just some thoughts to get you started, and to make sure the question of what type of information product to create and market is no longer a roadblock for you.

Use the list as a base to start your efforts of creating information products. And, keep in mind that once you create any type of product, it can be “repurposed” into another type of info product. That way, you create something once and get benefits from that creation in many ways, multiplying your profits from your initial efforts. For example, if you write a series of articles you can combine all of the articles into a special report. You can turn the article content into a presentation that you read and create a video from that to put it on YouTube.

You can create a podcast from the audio you recorded in your video and distribute it through iTunes and other podcast distribution sites. You can turn your series of articles into a e-course you can use as a giveaway to get people on your email list. You can post all of your articles on a blog. You can use the series of articles as a basis for a webinar or teleseminar. And on and on. You get the picture. The goal is to leverage each of your information product creation efforts as much as you can to minimize your work and maximize your profits.

Choose one or more types of information products and get started now creating your own home based information products marketing business.
Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home in your own information marketing business.